Our Expertise

Using best practice models, industry standards and our own experience, we are able to rapidly assess your current state from policies through to full operating models and technology solutions to identify where the highest risks and greatest opportunities are.
We will then help define your requirements across the operating model and set up programmes that deliver according to your priorities.

& Define
& Design

Bringing together all the relevant stakeholder groups is crucial to success. We will identify the right people to engage and help establish the level of senior management buy-in and oversight required to govern your ILG initiative.   ​We will bring our experience and skills to architect and develop policies, frameworks, operating models and technologies that are pragmatic and designed with the end game of implementation in mind.

Having ensured that go-forward the new approach to ILG is being implemented, the question remains - what about all the information and data from before that time? We will work with you to determine your drivers, from cost to risk, and how they should be applied to drive the remediation process. Helping you define rule sets and identify appropriate technology we will provide you with a roadmap and support you through that remediation process.

& Remediate
& Implement

On a go forward basis implementing the policies, operating models and technology involves changing the way people think and behave. We are experienced in driving ILG change programs, taking the policies, standards, models and technology and turning them into reality. From running pilots to driving full roll-out, we recognise the need to maintain central standards whilst accommodating local requirements.

Go forward 
& Design
Regulatory and Thematic ILG - GDPR, MiFID II, Dodd Frank, etc.

ILG is a core requirement that underpins many regulations and poor ILG practices jeopardise compliance. Putting good ILG practices in place can support many regulatory initiatives and we are also able to focus our ILG programmes of work on specific drivers to suit your most pressing needs.

In the case of GDPR for example we can help you ensure that not only are the new record keeping requirements embedded into your daily practices, but support you in identifying where PII resides, utilising technology as part of business processes to ensure the appropriate level of protection, driving a classification approach and remediating your dark data.

In the case of regulations such as MiFID II, Dodd Frank, or where there have been regulatory or audit issues, we can help you ensure the records population is scoped and then managed appropriately on a go-forward basis, as well as supporting the remediation of existing populations of records.

Our full information lifecycle approach  ensures stakeholders are at the heart of ILG, driving buy-in and delivering effective implementation
Making Information Lifecycle Governance a reality

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